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Travel alone, what does it mean?

“(…) the value that a woman pays to own her own life is never small”


This sentence comes from an article and made me think about what it is to be the owner of our life, not only for woman but for Humans. Does coming to Asia without company make me the owner of my life? I like this idea.

Traveling alone sometimes causes discomfort, raises many questions and can lead to misinterpretations but none of them come from me. The plan to stop (for a while) studies / work came to me slowly and whispered quietly “there is more world to see”. It took some time to get out of my comfort zone and my pre-life plan, it made me reshape the way I was seeing life. In a clever way life tested me and said “let’s see if you can handle it.”

We are never too afraid to travel alone, what we can be is fragile and not want to expose this weakness. Fear never becomes if calmness and clarity come first. I’m not afraid of being harmed, I’m afraid that I can not think clearly about what i need to do if that happens. I am afraid that on a bad day I will go down but not fear.

When we are traveling alone the self is not the only company (because you get to know other people), but it is our bigger security. Traveling alone does not cost more than traveling with company because friends, family comfort and our bed is lacking in any of the options. And things are always simpler than they seem.

Travel alone and in Asia is often seen as an act of courage but please don’t, don’t speak it and don’t think. There is nothing of courage in traveling alone, what there is is a huge desire to see and know more. To want to travel is not to be brave, it is thirst for knowledge, landscapes, people and experiences. Usually you never need as much money as you think, it may take a year, two or a few to have some money but please don’t give up. Money to travel is just a passport that opens horizons, demystifies beliefs and provides unforgettable experiences. Traveling is not a luxury, it is an opportunity.

And here I am, alone, taking advantage of this opportunity that, with many savings, i made it happen. Here I am, alone, growing day after day.

It’s difficult to explain the freedom to travel like this. Now I realize that traveling alone and owning our life are synonymous.


Ps: only negative aspect of traveling alone is selfies. Oh and miss good photos in great landscapes because nobody can get us the picture at the angle we wanted. Sad sad but true. I make sad figures with the selfie stick, I assume.

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