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How to survive with -30 degrees?

The first thing that comes to mind (and that I feel) is that it is not easy. It is not the nicest feeling in the universe and we do not want to repeat it every day.

I’ve been in Lapland for almost a month and I still breathe. I did not come in the coldest and darkest time (in the months of November to January the sun never appears, it is always at night), but I have already had very hard days. In Portugal I have already caught cold days and made jokes to say that I was in Siberia. How naive. From now on (for me )Portugal is always warm.

I do not spend much time outise, my work happens more inside buildings but in those days that I have to go to the street it seems that the sun never wants to appear and that the snowstorms remember to exist. But do not be fooled by the sun, it may be present but it does not warm. I already gave ski lessons with a giant snowfall, I helped ice fishing when you could not see a meter ahead and I already had the opening of the Easter holiday with activity for children on a day with 25 negative degrees. On this day I confess that I did not get out of the fire, I just left to go play some ice hockey and become a Huskies lover.

Here life does not stay on standby because of these temperatures, what would these people be if they stopped living once it was cold. It is normal for all of them and if there is something that is never missing is the tea and coffee.

About me? I confess, I am not a cold person!

I chose this country for being a challenge, for putting me in the limit. It’s true that when I go out on the street I look like the michelin man and that, at least, I use three layers of clothes (and four pairs of socks!).

The recipe is more or less this: the first layer is tights and thermal sweater, then tight thermal pants, a pair of socks and a thin polar sweater, finally put on a thick polar sweater, some snow pants, more a pair or two of socks, ends with a well-made coat and boots so-so. Obviously you need to add the scarf, hat and gloves. And I’m ready to go on the street. (the center where I am, there are clothes to rent and I can use everything I want without paying, so it is normal to see me wearing a warm jacket that says Lapland VIP Tours, privileges)

But believe me the other day they were just (minus) minus 8 degrees and I said it was nice and it was a good day to enjoy the outdoors. WHAT? I was stunned by the comment that came out of my mouth and I thought “you’re a changed person, girl.” But then I stayed for 20 minutes on the street and I changed my mind, the cold froze my nose and after all it was a strange heat.

No, I’m still not used to these temperatures but I’m alive. So, come to know this country full of magic and that looks like a fairy tale (or the world of Frozen). Come,  you can survive and the snow did not fall, she dances.


Ps: here is a video to see what it is to be (breathe) on the street with -30 degrees Celsius.

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