AISEC – Global Volunteer

AIESEC is a non-profit non-governmental organization with consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), affiliated with the United Nations Department, ICMYO member, and recognized by UNESCO.

In sum, AIESEC is a global network of people that simply believe that youth leadership is not an option, but our responsibility.”

What is Global Volunteer?

It is an inter-cultural experience for young people who want to develop their personality and leave a mark in the world. That allows you:

  • “Engage with others to achieve a purpose bigger than yourself.
  • Overcoming the challenges, you will learn to be solution-oriented.
  • Giving your input and seeing your impact in real time will show that you can effectively make a difference in the world. Become the citizen of the world that is more necessary than ever.

Going beyond what you know opens up new worlds for you. Find your values, explore your passions and become more aware of yourself. ”


Area: It depends the project (cultural action, social action, education, protection of the environment, and others)

Location: It depends on the project selected but more than 120 countries have already been covered.

Active projects: + 130,000

Conditions: Depends on the projects but require an initial fee (+ – € 140) at the start of each project.

Travel and insurance: Volunteer must be paid

Food and accommodation: It depends on the project but usually the accommodation is guaranteed (see each project in specific).

Time: Depends on the project


How to apply?

Access the AISEC website here and submit your application.


  • Register – create your profile on AIESEC’s Opportunities Portal
  • Search – filter the search results to find the opportunity that interests you most.
  • Interview – after finding the project you will have to start interviews and organizing your participation.
  • Confirm and go – with the interview completed successfully, it’s time to start the adventure.




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