All the suggestions that I present are the result of a research, none of them have any direct relation with me. I always put all the information available and the respective links.

I believe that the experience abroad must fulfill certain requirements, my goal is to select honest projects, and whenever possible that they are partially or totally financed. With the exception of the costs that are implicit to any trip (such as insurance, vaccines and flights) in some programs but avoiding many of the cases in which they ask for very high fees.

Volunteering is one of the simplest ways of giving giving and receiving ten times more experience in living in society, in respect for the others and in relativizing some circumstances that normally seem like a great problem without solution. A volunteer experience will never leave you the same, and that’s great.

About work-exchange it is more a win-win situation for everyone who wants to save some money and at the same time have a work experience in another country. As it is a voluntary work there is no remuneration but in exchange for our work we receive accommodation and food (these conditions change according to the proposal).

I hope you find the inspiration you need to take the step forward in an experience abroad 🙂

Any questions you have do not hesitate to contact me here or in the way that is more practical for you, I will try to give an answer as soon as possible!