Hello, welcome!

Nowtrip was until the end of my last adventure in Asia, just an online diary of my travels out there. However, the project is now a little bigger and in addition to continuing to have the blog (with travel content, get out of the rut and many adventures), has two more tabs.

Due to the messages that I receive asking about the international experiences in which I participate and where / and how I discovered them, I decided to create a tab dedicated to volunteer projects and work-exchange programs. This area is not linked to any organization or association, it is just a selection that comes from my careful research and that can be a help for all who want to know more about some international opportunities.

I also added a tab about being woman and traveling alone, Solo Travel is for Girls. Here you can find tips, testimonies and many adventures about the freedom that is traveling alone. The goal is to inspire you to put in your bucket list the desire to do, at least once in your life, a trip alone. Whether it is in neighbor country or in distant Continent, it does not really matter the place (since safe), what matters is that you realize that traveling alone is not a sentence of danger. It is proof that you are alive and ready to face new challenges.

I hope you can find inspiration and the right opportunity to launch into adventure.

You can get to know me better here or through my trips on the blog.



ps: i started the blog last year but the articles were only in Portuguese, for that reason the blog is not all translated (yet). I hope to put everything in English very soon, I’m sorry. 🙂